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Description The most comprehensive baby logging and analysis application available. - Record events such as breast feeding, diaper changes and sleep (eighteen built in events, support for custom events) - Growth chart analysis for head size, length and weight. Compare children. - Synchronize data between two Baby Geek apps (e.g. one for mom and another for dad). - Immunization schedules for both the US and UK. - Influenza schedule. - Development milestone schedule. - Feeding, sleeping and toilet chart analysis. - E-mail a daily summary to another care giver. - Add reminders such as three hours since last breast fed or four hours since last pee, includes audible alarm. - Support for US standard and metric units together with decimal and fraction data input. - Displays child's age or countdown to due date. - Manages up to three children. Please note Baby Geek is optimized for children aged from new born to three years - Spot sleep patterns to improve a baby's sleep. - Spot patterns when peeing or pooping to help with potty training, accidents displayed as a percentage to track progress. - Express milk manager. Records storage of expressed milk and estimates expiry dates. - Temperature graphs for monitoring fevers. - Doctor well visit schedule. Great for helping with sleeping problems and toilet training. Full documentation and additional screenshots available from product web site. If you have a problem or question please e-mail for the quickest response - thanks! NOTE: TO SEE MORE DETAIL IN THE OVERVIEW CHART OR ANY TIMELINE CHART DOUBLE TAP ON THE CHART TO ZOOM IN OR OUT, SWIPE TO PAN.