Current Version Version: 2.1
Author MEDL Mobile, Inc.
Price $2.00
Description Introducing Problem Halved 2.0! The whole world has your back with Problem Halved.


Problem Halved and Rob Shoesmith have been seen world wide more than 200 Million times!

Problem Halved has been featured on BBC, CNN, BBC Radio, The Gadget Show, Macworld UK, The Guardian and more!

Rob Shoesmith is always solving something new, so check out his Blog at and follow him on Twitter @shoesmith81.


Problem Halved allows people from around the globe to share their problems, exchange helpful solutions and provide suggestions to handle any trouble life throws at you.

You can post a problem, solve a problem or do both. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved.

• Sleek new design
• National flags/country of origin – see whose posting where
• Thread-style posting: Respond to a problem or a solution
• Share features: E-mail, Facebook or Twitter

• Post your problems, questions or concerns
• Help halve someone’s troubles and respond with your advice
• See the advice you’ve given
• See the problems you’ve posted
• Search for any problem
• Browse the biggest problems
• “Random Problems” button to halve a new one!


Problem Halved was created in MEDL Mobile’s App Incubator by Rob Shoesmith, a dustbin man (trash collector) from Coventry, England. Rob wanted a unique way for people to share their problems with the world.


We are proud to call Problem Halved a Shiny MEDL Object. You can see all of them at And if you have an idea for an app that you’d like to see on the app store someday, visit

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