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Price $1.00
Description Score Card is a little App that I made for my Dad...

My nephew is in a Little League Baseball Team and the field they play on has no score board. No one ever seemed to know what the score of the game was. My Dad had decided to start taking a piece of paper to keep score on. I decided to write this App for him instead. Originally it only saved what was on the screen at the time you closed the App. I later added the Location and Map Functionality. As well as the ability to save an entire season's worth of Scores. The Location Features work best on an iPhone. The iPod Touch can only find it's location when connected to a known Wifi Hotspot. All fields are editable after the fact except for the Date and the actual Score.

Score Card Saves:

- The Team Name
- The Score
- The Date
- The Location
- The Location Longitude and Latitude

It was built for a Little League Baseball game, but could be used for many things.