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Description ***Updated: May 2010, Summer Road Shoe Guide

***Updated: March 2010, Spring Road Shoe Guide

***Updated: December 2009, Winter Road Shoe Guide

***Updated: November 2009, Fall Trail Shoe Guide

Looking for the best running shoe for you? Runner’s World can help. Whether you run a few miles a week to stay in shape or are a veteran marathoner, our reviews will help you find the perfect shoe. Each of the shoes in our guides has been rigorously tested at the RW Shoe Lab and on the feet of runners just like you. Why do we go to such lengths? Simple. To help you find the best shoe possible.

Our reviews fall into five categories: Motion-Control, Stability,
Neutral-Cushioned, Performance Training, and Trail. Search within the category that best meets your needs.

Not sure which category to search? Check out our video guides to help you determine which shoe is right for you.

Once you find your shoe, the application will let you find a store in your area that has it in stock. We’ll even put the shoe on hold for you. (US only)

The not so fine print:
Only the best new running shoes on the market make it into our reviews. This may mean that your current shoe is not listed. If that is the case and your shoe works for you, stick with it. If you’re looking for a new shoe or are new to running, however, our guides can help you narrow your search. You’ll also notice that we list only specialty running stores as places to buy the shoes we review. That’s because these independent shops specialize in running and we trust them to help you make the final step into the right footwear.

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