Current Version Version: 1.1
Author Rashmi Bajaj
Price $1.00
Description The only app that provides the latest News and events in London. Key features of the app are:

News - Those who love london, would love this feature. Get updated news directly on your iPhone.

Walks - Want to visit key sites from the movie Harry Potter or Da Vinci code? Does Jack the Ripper tickle your fancy? Travel agents would charge you a fortune for this. We tell you where these locations are for free.

Attractions - London has tons to see but don't have much time. Get a list of key attractions that should not be missed.

Events - A list of live events that are going to happen in the coming few days. Whether you are visiting London or stay there, this is one key feature you cannot live without.

Travel - Want information on the airports, tube, cabs or buses? Use this handy option.

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