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Description *** EasyTrails GPS. Optimized for winter sports. *** EasyTrails GPS is the application for OUTDOOR EXPERIENCES that users trust. With a ton of features, the EasyTrails GPS app provides everything that outdoor enthusiasts need and want, including great trail sharing functions. SPORTS, running and skiing are your passions and you’re always trying to beat your PERSONAL BEST. Do you want to accurately know how far, how fast and how long you’ve been at it? TRACK YOUR WAY. With its built in GOOGLE MAPS and GOOGLE EARTH, you'll have a VISUAL RECORD of the distance you've travelled and the locations you've been to. You can get a general overview of the area or zoom in for a street view. Share your MULTIMEDIA WAYPOINTs with your friends: a photo of an amazing sunset, a challenging peak in Yellowstone Park or the best pubs of your city. People who bike, sail, take car trips or any other means of travel can use Easy Trails GPS. It's great for URBAN MAPPING or DISCOVERING too: if you are just wondering which route to the office is the shortest, go ahead and find out. You don't have to be athletically inclined to take advantage of this program! SHARE the details of your best trails with friends and IMPORT theirs. You can also FOLLOW an imported trail from on-line services: a fantastic way to LEARN of some NEW AREAS around you! EasyTrails GPS is reliable and accurate with a very friendly user interface. Besides, the chance to record while the iPhone is on STANDBY ensures the MAXIMUM BATTERY DURATION. EasyTrails GPS requires an iPhone with the GPS receiver (i.e: iPhone 3G+). *********************** IMPORTANT NOTE: if you need more information, see the tutorials page on our Web site: *********************** Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. _________________________________ KEY FEATURES: * Multimedia-waypoints: add photos and text to your trails! * See the direction and the distance to a target waypoint. * Define a proximity alarm around a waypoint. * Share tracks to free online services in one touch! * Follow a route. * Real-time data as speed, average-speed, altitude, bearing, ... * Maps (street map/satellite/hybrid). * Charts (elevation profiles, ...). * Compass. * Export tracks and waypoints (GPX, KML/KMZ and CSV). * Import tracks and waypoints (GPX). * High battery duration (record on standby). * No limit on length or time for tracks. * Up to 250 tracks. * Up to 100 waypoints. * Select between metric or imperial measuring system. * Intuitive user interface. * Lightweight, reliable and accurate. * Do not require Internet connection. * Use EasyTrails GPS while you are listening music from the iPod application. _________________________________