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Description ● Say hello to Juicy Library

See why critics and customers alike are raving about Juicy Library.

Catalog your books, movies, music, games, software, toys, electronics, jewelry, clothing and more with Juicy Library.

Import all your belongings into a digital library with the snapshot* of a barcode, manual barcode entry, or item search.

Juicy Library magically reads the information and downloads that item's image and all other pertinent information directly to your device.

● Organization Never Looked This Good

Display your belongings in a gorgeous virtual library.

Search and Filter your library to find any article in seconds. With simple controls and an elegant interface you will find it easy to find the author of that special book, the price of your DVD or the artist of your favorite song.

● The Perfect Safety Net

Have you ever been the victim of theft? If so, you understand the importance of recording everything you own. Insurance companies use this information when unexpected events happen.

With Juicy Library you carry an inventory library in your pocket. It's the Perfect Safety Net.

● Backup & Restore

Easily Backup your library to any computer with ease. Restoring your library is just as easy.

● Information On The Go

If you are anything like us you forget which items you already own. Should you purchase that great movie or do you already own it?

What about spotting that perfect gift for a Friend's Birthday... 6 months away. Add it to your Library with a tag for your friend. When the big day arrives you know just what to get them.

Or maybe you have an old book lying around that is worth some serious money... you just don't know it. FInd the current value of the item using Juicy Library.

● The Perfect Suite

Juicy Library is the perfect suite for personal inventory management. With so many uses, and such a beautiful interface it's easy to see why so many people use it.

● Please note that Juicy Library is not related to any other mac software.

● Buyers outside of the United States: please note that Juicy Library does not currently support some international items.


* Barcode Scan Requires Macro Lens (iPhone 3GS or third party Macro Lens)

*Products shown in screenshots are copyright of their prospective owners. Screenshot purpose is strictly to show app functionality.

*Copyright information is Located within the App itself under the Information Button.