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Description WE ARE SORRY that pzizz energizer has not been available recently, and we're offering it for just $0.99 until 23rd August. Then the price goes up! Unlike other so-called 'applications' that simply play the same soundtrack each time you use them, pzizz creates a slightly different one every time you press "Start" - to fit the time that you select! Although normally priced at $39.95 per module on, we have decided to make it available to iPhone users for less than the cost of a regular relaxation CD. ****************************************** "pzizz really is amazing. In only 20 minutes I felt more calm & relaxed. It had improved my day 100%. Thank you, pzizz!" Morgan Butler, London, UK "I guarantee you will relax more deeply than ever before... I know I did! WOW!" Nick Musker, Actor, Los Angeles, USA "While volunteering at an event where four hours of sleep is typical, we "pzizzed" for 20 minutes the morning of our second day, and in 20 minutes I felt as if I'd gained a whole night's sleep." Dr. Jonathan James Brummel, London, UK ****************************************** PZIZZ, THE WORLD'S MOST ADVANCED RELAXATION SYSTEM, IS HERE! pzizz has been helping tens of thousands of people from all around the world to relax for the last decade. Doctors, international sports stars, business leaders, chefs, new parents and students are some of the types of people who love pzizz. Just plug in, switch on and relax - it's so simple! ****************************************** NASA STATES : "An afternoon nap increases productivity by 35% and decision-making ability by up to 50%" ****************************************** PLEASE NOTE : This app is scientifically designed for short term relaxation i.e. a midday power nap. It has specific instructions designed to wake you up feeling rested and more energized. ☛ If you're looking for something to help with sleep problems, we have another iPhone app called 'pzizz sleep' ☚ ****************************************** WHAT MAKES PZIZZ SO MUCH BETTER? ★ You choose how long you want (10-90 mins) so pzizz fits in with you. ★ Every time you press "Start", pzizz creates a new, unique soundtrack for you - so you never get bored of hearing the same thing! There are other relaxation systems available but none have the unique patented features of pzizz. Because of these you can customize your relaxation session to suit you exactly - with MAXIMUM results every time you use it. pzizz was scientifically proven to work better than many other traditional forms of relaxation in a 2 week study carried out by the Victoria University of Wellington, NZ. FEATURES : ✓ Inspiring words, enchanting music, delightful sound effects and binaural beat ✓ Structured random algorithm creates a different soundtrack EVERY TIME you use it (over 100 billion combinations) ✓ Fully time adjustable from 10 - 90 minutes. Designed to fit in with your day! ✓ Adjust individual voice and music volumes to suit you while you listen ✓ Turn the voice on or off - or just have it at the beginning and end ✓ Select different sound effects for the voice (regular stereo or 3D) ****************************************** PRESS REVIEWS : "I like the way it helps you get into a positive frame of mind. Instead of feeling guilty about having a nap, it makes a nap seem necessary." UK Sunday Mirror "pzizz is the modern way to relax, re-energise and alleviate the stresses caused by our very hectic lives." FHM Magazine macnn ★★★★★ MacUpdate ★★★★½ MacUser ★★★★½ versiontracker ★★★★★ ****************************************** icons by Joseph Wain / ( ******************************************