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Description Soccer Card SKS creates a virtual soccer card that allows you to enter and email stats of your favorite player & goalkeeper. Show off your soccer star. Be that proud and cool player or parent on and off the soccer field today! 3 1/2 out of 5 mice and part of its "App Essentials Collection" for Soccer. iPhone + iPad Life Magazine: Editor’s Choice Award *** Important Message for Coaches, Team Managers & Others Who Would This iteration of Soccer Card SKS is best suited for tracking 1 or 2 players. We've received some constructive criticism from coaches who've attempted to track an entire team and were disappointed in our app's performance. Well, Coach(es), we heard you: A future version will allow you to track everyone on the team. We hope you'll accept our sincere apology for any inconvenience -- and won't make us run wind sprints. ;) Reviews & Testimonials: "What's really neat I think about this is the shared functionality it's got in it. Very solid. Very social." - Jared Montz, Former Player for the Chicago Fire "I was impressed by the detail captured in this app. It’s a fun app for the younger soccer players and it’s a very useful app for those who want to seriously keep track of their stats." - Heather @ "Soccer Cards SKS is a fun iPhone app that can help make your your player more enthusiastic about youth soccer. It can even track game stats." - Roman Loyola, Sr Editor @ Benefits of Soccer Card SKS: • Now you can be your soccer star’s personal photographer again and again. No more waiting until the end of the season. • Make your soccer card personal. Your child, your team, your schedule. • When people ask, “How your soccer star is doing?”, just whip out your iPhone or iPod touch anytime, anywhere to show them! • App learning curve? What learning curve? • Three words: Parental bragging rights! • Easily track the progress of your soccer star • Your child is always a soccer star! Now show them off to the world or at the next PTA meeting or sales conference. • Keep grandparents up-to-date on their rockstar soccer player • Supportive coaching and the ability to share with soccer scouts "I could see dads and sons bonding over this app and high school athletes sharing their stats with each other." - Beckie Mostello @ Soccer Card SKS acts just like a real Soccer Card. The card front displays the player's photo and basic info. Rotate your iPhone or iPod touch 90 degrees and your Soccer Card flips to reveal the back of the card that displays the player's season record, season stats and season totals. Soccer Card SKS Features: • Customizable Virtual Soccer Card (front and back) with player's own photo, first & last name, position, team name, number, season year, season schedule, season record and season stat totals • Easy to use interface (at least we hope) • Goalkeeper Stats (including GAA) with calculated season record and totals • Player Stats with season record and totals • Create an unlimited amount of virtual Soccer Cards • Create and email an entire player's season stats and schedule to others as an easy to read color html email • Use your iPhone camera to create an instant card photo or select from your own library of photos • Customizable game details include: date, start time, location, opponent’s name, home or away game and game score • Track player's season win, loss and tie record • Keep individual notes for each game • Create separate Soccer Cards for just tournaments Please visit our app instructions page to take full advantage of all the benefits and features Soccer Card SKS has to offer. Click on the support link below. Please send us feedback on how we can improve this incredible app to better suit your needs.

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