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Price Free
Description See the number of days countdown until Christmas, listen to holiday music (built-in or your own), and see an animated Santa or Christmas tree that gets bigger as Christmas gets closer displayed on the included background image or use your own picture. • See the number of days until Christmas. Tap the countdown text to cycle between 9 different colors. • Select one of five included holiday musical soundtracks. Repeat the same song or play all five songs automatically in sequence. • Pick music from your own music library. The title and album art of the playing song are displayed. • Update your Facebook status with the days to Christmas. • See the animated Santa or tree grow to full size and then shrink back down based on the number of days left until Christmas. The closer the date gets to Christmas, the bigger the Santa or Tree will grow. The Santa/tree will then move off the screen in one of six different patterns. • Tap one of three objects on the screen to produce Christmas sounds (standing santa, reindeer, presents). • Shake your device or tap the Santa/Tree to have Santa say "Ho Ho Ho" or watch the tree light up. • Select any background image from your device's photo album or reset the image back to the original one that is included. • Enable/disable/hide the Santa or tree animation. • Enable/disable device sleep. • iPhone Retina display support. Additional features will be added. ★ If you want Push Notifications to update the icon's badge count with the number of days, choose to display days or hours/minutes/seconds, and have no ads, check out 'Christmas Countdown Pro w/Push Notifications' ★ Check out our other Christmas app - "Christmas Experience" with multiple games and tilt sounds. This is a free holiday program and is ad supported. Visit our Web site at to see the other programs that we offer or to leave comments and suggestions.