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Get popular Business and Finance Tweets in real-time on your iPhone and iPod-touch - no need to access internet browser from your computer - no waiting for morning newspapers. Get business news even before it hits the newswire.
Get direct updates from the world's most respected and trusted organizations like CNN Money, BBC Business as well as business news tweeters ( CEO's , Executives and more..)

* Get all Business and Finance Tweets related tweets in one central place.
* Get the latest tweets from the world's most respected and trusted organizations - CNN, BBC, New York Times and more..
* View Tweets on Business and FInance news, events and much more..
* List of reputed sources (US and International tweeters):
-CNN Money
-BBC Business
-NY Times Business
-Reuters Business
-World Economic Forum
-Exec Tweets
-Financial Times
-LA Times Biz News
-Business News

(List is updated regularly and made as accurate as possible)

- Must be connected to the internet to run this app via WiFi, Edge or 3G
- Must have a Twitter ID to view the tweets.