Current Version Version: 2.4.5
Author Linkworks LLC
Price $1.00
Description ManGo Shopping is *THE* one-stop store locator for -retail shops- wherever you are, by the people who made ManGo, FREE store locator.

With this PRO version, the map refreshes automatically with new stores as you slide around the map.

ManGo Shopping currently covers more than *300* retail store chains, and the store coverage is improving continually. Users can search by category (eg. Apparel) or by store chain (eg. Gap).

What users have said about ManGo, FREE store locator:

"Does an amazing job seamlessly helping me find any kind of store. Very handy!"
"Built-in map works fast and flawlessly."
"I travel every week for work and this works great. Way better than Google Maps."
"Love it! Great help when travelling!"

Highly recommended if you like these apps:
MapQuest 4 Mobile, Urbanspoon, Yelp, Fandango, Yellow Page, Zagat

Example stores:

. Clothing & Apparel
. . . (Anthropologie, JCrew)
. Pharmacies
. . . (Walgreens)
. Supercenters
. . . (Walmart, Costco)
. Department Stores
. . . (JC Penney, Nordstrom)
. Books/DVDs/Toys
. . . (Borders, Toys R Us)
. Discount Stores
. . . (Big Lots, Dollar Tree)
. Sports & Outdoors
. . . (Bass Pro Shop, Nike)
. Home/Kitchen Supplies
. . . (Ikea, Home Depot)
and many, many more

~~ Full iPod touch support~~

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