Current Version Version: v2.1.1 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author graf
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PictureShow emulates various toy camera styles.
It enables you to mix frame, light leak and noise to create an unexpected result with simple shuffle button.
and edit each effect via 'TextEdit', 'StyleEdit' and 'ColorEdit' mode.

● iOS 4 Tested.

● PictureShow v2.1 Update
Twitter & FaceBook Uploader Added.
Flickr uploading updated to Full Resolution.
Vignetting Strength Controls Added & Enable/Disable.
More Photo Filter Effects Added. (DuoTone, MultiExposures2, PopArt. (Total 25 Styles)
Some Filters Generate Random variations of the Effect when selected.
_Instant °
_Vanished °
_DarkSepia °
_Cross °
_DuoTone °
_Noir °
_MultiExposures °
_PopArt °
More Frame Styles, Light Leak & Noise effects added.
Light Leaks Rotate Randomly giving a variety of looks.
Swiping Sound Effect Enable/Disable Option Added.
GUI Enhanced.
Some bugs are fixed.

● Key features
25 stunning & stylish photos.
Quick and Easy navigation between styles.
Easy and real time editing.
Write messages on photos.
Sharing photo via 'Twitter', 'FaceBook', 'Flickr', 'Blogger' & E-mail in the app.
20 Frame styles
10 Light effects
11 Noise effects.
You can mix all of this effect with super easy.

● 25 Photo style
Lomography : Simulate 'Lomo' camera tone.
Holgagraphy : Simulate 'Holga' camera tone.
Instant : Simulate instant camera's tone.
Noire : Black & white french movie poster tone.
Quad : 4 tiled image.
Quad Vertical : 4 tiled vertical image.
Mirror : Funny and odd image specially with face.
DarkSepia : Vintage and soft effect.
MultiExposures : Complex and unexpected Image.
ColorShake : displaced color channel.
Retro : 70's photo style.
Other Vintage & color effected Style in app.

● Color Edit
Change color without slider. Just swipe left or right!
Select color mode(red, green, blue, bright) and then swipe finger on photo area horizontally.
You can make color filtered effect by changing specific color element.
- Red, Green, Blue, Brightness, Contrast

● Text Edit
Change text style.
Select text mode(font, size, align, color) and then swipe finger on photo area horizontally.
or Move it. simple.

● Sharing
Twitter, FaceBook, Flickr, Mail, Blogger

● Various Resolution
- 300 * 400 px
- 450 * 600 px
- 600 * 800 px
- 1200 * 1600 px
- 1536 * 2048 px (iPhone 3Gs only)

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