Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Allergic 2 Rhinos
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Description Reduce allergy suffering by controlling your allergen exposures. Allergy Runner makes it much easier!

Keep your allergy lists and testing info with you for quick reference and updates. Simplify your food shopping and rotation diet hassles. Keep schools and grandparents in the loop!

Forced to play allergy detective for yourself or a family member? Allergy Runner helps you identify what triggers allergy symptoms.

Unlike other apps and web sites, with Allergy Runner you own and control your data. The info stays on your device. We don't sell your food lists, we don't push mind numbing drugs, and we don't carry advertisements to profit from your misery.

You will be pleasantly surprised how much better life can be when you organize your allergy info and limit exposures. Please visit our website for more info and an app walkthrough with many more screen shots.

How Allergy Runner helps:

- Keep a separate allergy list for each family member.

- Record triggering meals and exposures, plus reactions treatments in our handy journal.

- Snap and store photos of food labels or symptoms as memory aids and for doctor visits.

- With our built-in list of over 1,000 known allergy triggers, categorize your triggers and safe foods by type and severity. Or add your own.

- Keep relatives, doctors, schools, babysitters in the loop by emailing them customizable, up-to-date reports – recipient need not have an iPhone.

To discover allergens on your own, use the Allergy Journal feature to record unexplained symptoms, recent foods and exposures. Over time the common exposures that trigger allergy suffering will become clear.

Help your doctor understand the extent of your suffering (or your child's). Use the Journal to track the frequency and duration of reactions. Capture Journal photos of the rash, hives, insect bite, or allergy eyes to really get your point across!

Maintain your list of known and suspected Allergens in Allergy Runner. As you test and treat for each Allergen, record the progress and updates directly in the Allergen. If you add supporting details about what an exposure looks like, how it should be treated, what should be avoided -- emails sent from the app will be extremely useful to the people that need the info.

If you have multiple food allergies, like I have, you'll find it very useful to enter the foods you are NOT allergic to. These will automatically appear in the 'Safe Food' category. Later, if you retest the food or if you become reactive to it, simply bump the severity slider above zero and the food will fall off the Safe Food list.

Foods that are only slightly reactive or that only cause trouble in large quantities will be automatically grouped into a 'Once per Week' category. This reminds you to rotate the food and consume it in moderation.

The next time the kids go to Grandma's and she asks "Just what can I feed these two?" you'll have an easy way to answer. Start Allergy Runner and fire off an email with the Safe Food and Once per Week food list. It only takes a few seconds and you won't risk leaving out something important.

Tell her to keep the High Risk Allergen email on her phone or taped to the fridge. It should include instructions and contact numbers to make things easier and safer.

The more you understand and can avoid what brings out allergy symptoms, the less medical treatment you or your loved one need.

Known Issues in V1.0:

Regardless of your physical location, dates and times in the app will be displayed correctly using the format and language from your device's Region setting. However when you send emails from the app all dates and times appearing in the email will be (

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