Current Version Version: 1.01
Author Navjot Kailay
Price $2.00
Description "Good Morning Sir ..... Here are the top headlines from the Times ..... ". Alarm clock that speaks the news.

Finally a piece of the future is here. With a gesture the Tick Talk Robot gets your favorite news headlines, then speaks them to you in a sophisticated Robot butler voice. Set an alarm time, when the alarm rings a choice of News or Snooze is presented. News option wakes up the Tick Talk Robot and speaks your news, snooze gives you 10 more minutes into the future. The news headlines source is customizable to your favorite news feed.

NOTE : Due to Tick Talk's high quality voice technology, the app is large in size (20MB) and requires a WIFI download. The benefit is apparent once the quality is heard. Once installed, Tick Talk works over wifi or data.


An iTunes Staff Favourite February 2010.

Featured as an app of the week on Gizmodo:
"In the mornings of the future, humanoid, quasi-British, deep-voiced robots will lull you with a reading of the day's news .... Until then, there's Tick Talk Robot, which does pretty much the same thing..."

iLounge : B+

Tuaw :
"Tick Talk is your little newsreading friend"

Appinspectors :
"Imagine it’s the year 2069, and every household has their own personal robot. ... Now that may seem quite farfetched .... However, the people over at Wirus have introduced an app that can do part of what was said, it’s called Tick Talk"

Tick Talk placed second overall in the iPhoneDevCamp3 2009 Cool App Category.

See video at
or on youtube search for 'Tick Talk Robot'


The news source is customizable to your favorite site that has an RSS feed. Simply enter the website address, and the Robot finds the news feed if available. Also customize the greeting from 'Sir' to your name, and end off the news with your favorite saying.

Swipe up on Tick Talk Robot to get instant on news. Or use the easy alarm time setting scroller to wake up to the news.

Swipe down on the Robot to silence the Robot.

Subtle grey appearance to keep low profile at night. Robot is animated when waking, reading news, and going back to sleep.


Tick Talk Robot app must be running for alarm to ring. The alarm will still work if the screen goes to sleep or if the top lock button is used. Tick Talk Robot uses internal cold fusion to stay awake even while the screen is off, it is recommended the device be plugged in if being used overnight as an alarm clock.

In order to get the news there must be a wifi or data connection. The alarm and a Tick Talk Robot greeting will still sound even without wifi or data connection.


"Good Evening Sir ...... I am built to serve ....... "

You've seen it in movies about the future for decades, finally you can bring a robot home.

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