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Are you frequently running late to work?... are you always trying to find the the right thing to tell your parents when you get a bad grade?... Do you really want to get out of that date tonight but don't know what to say?... Do you need the perfect answer when your teacher asks you why your homework was late?... Are your parents constantly nagging you to do chores and you don't know how to get out of them?... Are you constantly getting in trouble for something you did?

Well if so this is the perfect app for you. Now you have it the perfect excuse app for all of your bad situations.

Containing tons of excuses covering categories such as:
-breaking a date
-general excuses for kids
-work excuses
-getting a bad grade
-forgetting your homework
-getting out of chores

-Navigation control view
- hundreds of excuses
- weekly updates with more excuses
-when you tap the screen an excuse pops up