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You can upgrade to the full version with an in-app purchase to remove ads and unlock longer game options, higher difficulty settings and global high scores. Take advantage of our special launch upgrade price!

The new version also adds an exclusive time match mode, a complete redesign with new graphics, and integration with the OpenFeint social gaming network, with dozens of achievements, challenges to compete with your friends, global high score boards and Twitter/Facebook integration.


Due to the current system for free applications which use in-app purchases to upgrade to a paid version, we are unable to offer a free upgrade to users who previously downloaded the paid version of Arcade Hockey.

Please see our post at for more details on the current situation.


"Best Air Hockey game for the iPhone."

- Chris Pirillo, Lockergnome

"Arcade Hockey recreates the perfect air hockey experience."

- Lauren Admire, The Escapist

"Arcade Hockey is a faithful recreation that’s definitely worth a look."

- Joel Evans,

"Simple, user-friendly and addicting version of arcade hockey."

- Michelle Michelson, The Gadgeteer

"Get ready to play air hockey like summer never ended."

- Jennifer Anthony, The Examiner

"In terms of look and feel... it's one of the best by far."

- Scott Johnson, AppSlappy

"It's like having your own air hockey table in your pocket."

- Classic Game Room

"An excellent multiplayer and single player experience."

- Ned Fetterhoff, MLive


An arcade classic brought to life on the iPhone!
The coolest air hockey on the App Store.

Play against a friend, or challenge the opponent on any of three levels. Arcade Hockey is great for parties, in the waiting room, or anytime you have a few free minutes.


- OpenFeint integration
- "Best of" and "time match" gameplay modes
- Simple enough for anyone to pick up and play
- Solid graphics and an original, jazzy soundtrack
- Smooth animation and gameplay
- Smart artificial intelligence with three difficulty levels
- Great for small kids
- Plays well on all iPhone and iPod touch models

Working on:

- Peer-to-peer play over WiFi
- Even better artificial intelligence
- Innovative new gameplay feature ;)

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