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Description Cupidr is ideal for guys that want to be spontaneously romantic, however find it hard to remember when they should actually do something romantic. This is where Cupidr comes in. Cupidr will send you romantic idea's randomly throughout the week, month, and year, depending on your settings. When Cupidr reminds you to do a romantic something for your partner, it also gives you a suggested idea in case you are drawing a blank. Because the ideas are sent to you randomly throughout the week, month, and year, they will appear spontaneous to your partner and thus more heartfelt and genuine.

Cupidr will also keep track of those hard to remember dates, like her birthday, and your anniversary. Cupidr will notify and give you enough time to get a gift in case you did forget.

How cupidr works:

Cupidr uses Apple's push notification service to alert you when it’s time for your new idea. Based on your settings will determine how often each type of idea will be sent to your phone.

You specify how often you would like to see each type of idea. For example, if you set my inexpensive category to every 3 days, then at some point in a three day period cupidr will alert you that I have a new idea. If I then launch the app I will see the idea that I am supposed to perform.

Let’s say you got your idea on day two of that same three day period, and then you would have to wait another day before you would become eligible for a new idea. That being said it is possible since the timing is random for you to do two ideas back to back, or have those 4 days apart.

It’s recommended that you don’t have any category set to the same settings. This is because if you set all the categories to three days apart, then the ideas you would receive would overlap. Since you only receive one idea a day you would end up missing out on some of the ideas. Also a more expensive idea will never be replaced in the queue with a less expensive idea. This is because ideally more expensive ideas would come along less often and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on them.

The recommended settings are:
Inexpensive – every 3 days or once a week
Moderate – once a month
Expensive – twice a year

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