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Description ******Chunky Chicken Apps would like to clarify some confusion. You only needs to press "Allow" the first time you connect with a Facebook account. After this, the album art will upload automatically without any user input.******

Share your exquisite musical taste on Facebook! With See My Music for Facebook, you can upload the album art for your current song. You and you friends can help each other discover new music, rediscover forgotten classics and have fun with your iPhone and iPod Touch devices!

See My Music for Facebook is super easy to use, you can start the app if you're already listening to music or you can select what you want to listen to from within the app.

After you sign in with your Facebook account and click the "Allow" button, your profile will be updated with what artist and song title you're currently listening to, and the album art will be uploaded.

Don't just tell your friends about what great new music act you've discovered, show them!