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Author Jimmy Hu
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Description *** Game Center enabled! Play matches online & chat. Invite a friend or be auto-matched with a random player. *** FAQ: REVIEWS "[I] know strong bg play when I see it. This app is the strongest iPhone bg app I've played with by far. It does not cheat period. ...Analyzing these matches with eXtreme Gammon confirms a world class level of play with normal luck factors. If you are losing, get over it. So would 99.9% of the other backgammon players in the world. It is just that good. Learn from it." -Richard Munitz, Giant of Backgammon, #21 world ranking in 2009 "Backgammon NJ is without question the best backgammon program for the iPhone. It plays at a very high level and is such a good program that I often use it myself to practice." -Phil Simborg, Professional Backgammon Teacher and Player, "I've played over 500 games now; I've checked about 5% of these against World Class Desktop programs (GNU, BGBlitz); and I've actually used some of the competition. NJ has the best interface and has more useful functions than any other backgammon apps out there." "As someone who has played a lot online (FIBS, Gamesgrid, and others) and live, playing this app (on its hardest setting) is like playing a master player or like playing GNU." IS THIS GAME RIGHT FOR YOU? This game is best for people: - Who recognize the strength of neural network backgammon bots - Who want to improve their game by playing against a world-class level AI - Who are willing to use the in-depth, technical features included in the game to prove that it is honest ( - Who have the technical knowledge required to understand the use of the above features - Who are willing to play lower skill levels if those levels are more suited for their playing skill - Who will not insist on only playing the higher skill levels & expect to win consistently against those levels If you fit all of the above, then this game is what you're looking for! If the above doesn't describe you, then this game isn't right for you, and you won’t be happy playing it. You’ll be much happier if you choose a different game with an easier AI. IMPORTANT Read our detailed responses to false reviews: ABOUT Backgammon NJ is a full-featured game which uses an advanced, neural network-based, artificial intelligence. Play against a computer AI, another person in 2-player mode on one device, or online against friends & other players. Using Tutor Mode & Hints, Backgammon NJ can show you how to improve your game! Discriminating players will appreciate how well the AI plays. It uses a neural network trained on millions of positions, a bearoff database, & a match equity table to achieve strong gameplay that will challenge even expert players. FEATURES • Neural network-based AI • 2 game types: Standard or Nackgammon • 4 skill levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert • Customizable board design & checker colors • High-res graphics for the Retina display • Mersenne Twister algorithm for random number generation • Doubling cube • Single games or match play up to 25 pts • Crawford rule for match play • 1-player mode vs. computer (no internet req'd) • 2-player mode on one device (no internet req'd) • Game Center: Play online with friends & other players (requires internet & iOS 4.1 or later) • Chat with your online opponent • Online ELO leaderboard • User-friendly, tap-to-move interface • Highlighted checker movement options • Hint & Undo • Learn with Status Meter & Tutor Mode • Game & dice stats, including ELO rating & ER • Email .mat match files • Options to reverse board direction, resign, use one-tap moves, auto bearoff, auto finish, & much more

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