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Author iLarious
Price $1.00
Description Sure, there's lots of apps to help you do good... iNabler is the first iPhone App to help you be BAD! Launch the iNabler, and you'll receive over 100 "inspirational" messages. (And by "inspirational," we mean "slightly insane.")

Need to shake things up, get out of the cage, get wild and go nuts? When everyone else is saying "No," the iNabler says "YEAH, BABY!"

The iNabler delivers top-flight bad advice ranging from the gently persuasive "Don't think of it as going to the dark side... think of it as coming home," to the direct "Bad idea... do it anyway!"

The app is written by Action 5 -- writers for The Onion, The Daily Show, Word Girl, and Demitri Martin, as well as "The Devious Book for Cats," "The Dangerous Book for Dogs," and the upcoming "The New Vampire's Handbook."

Each "inspirational" saying is illustrated with a hilarious photo, and every one of them can be shared with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Looking for a partner in crime? Send them an iNabler message, and they'll be misbehaving with you in no time!

If you're a fan of hiCard, iGreets, Postcard Express, or other Postcard and Email apps, this is your chance to combine the fun of postcards with the danger of the dark side.

Wondering whether or not to buy this App? As the iNabler would say, "If you don't... the terrorists win!"

FROM iLarious -- Putting Fun in Your Pocket since 2009!

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