Current Version Version: 1.9
Author Crispy Bacon Games
Price $1.00
Description Geography Afficionado is a geography quiz app, created by Crispy Bacon Games, that's designed to provide the player with rich information about our planet. It consists of 168 generally interesting questions. After a question is answered, the player can press a button to go to a web page with more information about the answer.

Example questions:

What is the only country in South America with English as its official language?
What is the tallest waterfall?
What is the smallest country with respect to land area?

You can now create a free account at and compare your scores with friends and other players there! To send or retrieve your stats you must go to the send and retrieve stats screen inside the app. After entering your credentials and pressing either the send or retrieve stats button your stats will be sent to or retrieved from the website, respectively. You can then go to the website and see how your score fares with others.

Update 4/02 - More questions added
Update 3/03 - 5 more generally interesting questions added
Update 11/05 - 10 more generally interesting questions, stats upload/retrieval
Update 10/08 - 10 more generally interesting questions
Update 9/18 - More background images, a nicer looking UI, and 10 more generally interesting questions.

Crispy Bacon Games is an independent game developer located in Orlando, FL.

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