Current Version Version: 2.6 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Standard Works LLC
Price $5.00
Description This is the Pro version of the award winning U.S. Historical Documents app.

It contains the following features not found in the base version:
• Ability to email any document and it will contain all of your inline notes and colored highlights.
• Uses our innovative paragraph slider to instantly scroll to any point in a document - it works similar to the alphabet slider in the Contacts app.
• Contains an easy way to highlight an entire verse at once - just tap on a green + icon next to a paragraph.

Own the greatest collection of U.S. historical documents ever assembled for a handheld device - you can search, annotate, bookmark, and even highlight words!

While games and novelty apps are certainly entertaining, this is the one must-have serious iPhone application.

U.S. Historical Documents Pro contains over 200 of the most influential documents in U.S. history and they will be stored directly on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Quickly and easily find any text from any document with the fastest and most powerful search engine available on the iPhone. Have the documents automatically scroll for you in both portrait and landscape modes while reading. Create notes for each paragraph which can be displayed inline. You can even assign bookmarks to any paragraph in any document for future reference. Highlight important words or phrases using the absolute best highlighting system available.

"...this one is the new real deal." 10/10

Excellence Award 2008 -

"This really is a GREAT app… I highly recommend it and look forward to some more releases!" -

• Magna Carta
• Christopher Columbus Letter
• Virginia Charters
• Mayflower Compact
• First Thanksgiving Proclamation
• Stamp Act
• Declaration of Arms
• Declaration of Independence
• Fugitive Slave Law
• The Federalist Papers (all 85!)
• US Constitution
• Star Spangled Banner
• CSA Constitution
• Gettysburg Address
• Emancipation Proclamation
• World War II Documents
• I Have A Dream
• All Inaugural Address of All Presidents
• State of the Union Addresses
• 9/11 Documents
• The USA Patriot Act
• President Obama's Inauguration Speech
• Over 15 Landmark Supreme Court Cases
• Thomas Payne's "Common Sense"
• U.S. Flag Code
• Geneva Convention Documents (all 4!)
• Pres. Obama's 2009 Speech to the Joint Session of Congress
• And many, many more...

• Email any document and your notes and highlights will even be included
• Uses our innovative paragraph slider to instantly scroll to any location in a document
• Auto-scrolling (both variable-speed and tilt-based, portrait and landscape modes)
• Adjustable fonts, size, colors, margins, spacing, and alignment (you can even adjust the font size by using a pinching gesture while reading!)
• Highlighting - 12 background colors, 12 foreground colors, bold, italic, and underline
• In addition to individual word highlighting you can easily highlight an entire verse
• Night (low light) mode - Black background with white text
• Application tips
• Bookmarks and bookmark folders
• Last location in each document is remembered
• When re-launched, you're returned to the exact location you were last at while reading
• Search for words or phrases with INSTANT search results
• Powerful advanced search options
• Create notes for each paragraph which can be displayed inline

Be sure to also check out our classical library collections from world renowned authors like:
• Jack London
• Jules Verne
• Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes)
• And many more...

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