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Thanks to lot of iPhone/iPod Touch users, now in Top 100 ranking at many countries (include Belgium, Costa Rica, France, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italia, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Osterreich, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa, Taiwan and Vietnam), check detail at these App Stores.

* User Interface: Multi Languages (??????????????????, ????????????)
* Supported Device: iPod Touch 2G, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs
* OS: iPhone OS 3.1 or higher version
* GPS: Optional, you can manually define location
* Network: Required for facebook sync. Optional when sending by email. will queue your mail and send mail while internet reachable.
* One time shop, no extra fee,
Thanks lot of reviews/recommend from world-wide with different language:

Mexico: 5 stars, Muy recomendable
Thailand: 5 stars, Very good and free location shared App
Italy: 5 stars, Bello
USA: 4 stars, Pretty good
USA: 5 stars, Very enjoyable application
USA: 5 stars, Good for truck drivers
France: 5 stars, Bonne appli mais

update your current location, photo and map to Facebook by just 1-click. User also can update his location context to his/her family by email.
Major Features:
- Location Map: Allow you to define your location precisely or roughly. It's all depends on you.
- Add photo to location context: Allow you to pick photo from album or take picture by camera(only for iPhone series). Then you can config who is able to view your photo at Facebook.
- Update to Facebook: You may select update location by Google Map url, by map or by photo.
- Update by Email: You may send location by coordination+url, map or photo.
- Favorite contacts: Allow you to define your favorite contact person, will use it as the default email destination.
- Configuration: Allow you to define what kind of location content will be send out.

Usage scenarios:
1. Keeping update your location to Facebook. You can allow you fans or friends see where you are. Of course, it's configurable.
2. When you are traveling or for business trip ,you can transmit your position and the picture to the beloved person to let the family member feel relieved.
3. When you join party or meeting or dining somewhere,you want to invite your friend to participate immediately, may send mail with GPS& the scene picture, let him feel party's splendid and join right now.
4. Must ask your lover or spouse to install ???HereIm???, and you may grasp his/her newly dynamic and the most beautiful and graceful appearance.
5. When you go traveling, you may send the picture and mail to someone to shre your travel experience.
6. When you are in emergency, for example:the mountaineer becomes lost or meet the scoundrel, may send your location and the nearby scenery for rescue.

Important Notices:
- GPRS, 3G or WIFI are required if user want to update information to Facebook.
- allow user to queue the email until network is available.
- For iPhone 3G and 3Gs users, detect the user current location and move it to the center of map. Then user can change his location or adjust the map scale by multi-touch at map. will send the new location with new map scale to Facebook or email.
- For iPod Touch 2G or iPhone users, since these devices without GPS components, so will show the whole world map and allow user to define his/her location. Then will update this information to Facebook or email.