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Description BEER BEER and MORE BEER We've paired 31 beer styles from around the world with over 500 foods. A smattering of cheeses are included as well. What beer goes with the pretzels on the bar, or that smoked salmon you're having for dinner? How about with pumpkin pie? OK, what are you going to eat with your Saison? QUICK SELECTIONS Choose your food, and you'll be instantly shown beer styles that complement your selection. Another click brings you additional detail if you need it. Alternately, choose a beer style from the beer list, to be shown foods and cheeses that pair with that style. BEER STYLES NOT BRANDS We're not promoting any beer companies, we're hoping to introduce you to different styles of beer. Try a smoked beer with your meal, or have a lambic with dessert. We'll present the styles, and you choose the brand and the beer. IS THIS APP FOR YOU? If you love beer, and you've tried them all, but still don't know what foods work with your favorites, this app is for you. If you want to venture away from the light bubbly clear and flavorless stuff they call beer and don't know where to turn, this app is for you too. If you want to impress your girl at the micro brewery, you've come to the right app. If you want to show up your studly date, download this app now! HELP US OUT If you're a beer pro and you feel the app needs some help, we'd love to hear from you. If you have some pairings of your own, please contact us and contribute your ideas. INTERNET NOT REQUIRED You never know when you'll find yourself at a village pub in the Romanian countryside. So you'll be happy to find that all the data resides within the program so your pairings are available without an internet connection. REVIEWS: 5 out of 5 Stars: Beckett Guide to Phone Apps "On your next trip to the pub, don't get overwhelmed by the beer choices. This app suggests beers that go with cheeses and foods - so when you order fish and chips, you'll know to pick out a sweet, rich porter or a hoppy pilsner. And it works the other way as well, so when you're in the mood for a pale ale, you'll know which foods or cheeses to pluck from the menu. Browse lists of foods, beers and cheeses to find the right match."