Current Version Version: 3.1.2
Author Matthew Gallagher
Price $3.00
Description The StreamToMe application lets you use your iPhone or iPod Touch to play video and music files — in a wide variety of formats without prior conversion — streamed directly over WiFi from your Mac or PC. If you connect the video-out cable for iPhone/iPod, StreamToMe can play through your TV, turning your iPhone/iPod plus Mac/PC into a home media center.

Features include:

- Video scales from 3G to 720p (iPad) or 480p (iPhone/iPod touch)
- Continuous and random play modes
- Music and album art support
- TV out via the Apple Component or Composite cables
- SRT and SSA subtitles
- Background audio on iOS 4

StreamToMe requires either an Intel Mac or a Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 PC running ServeToMe to provide it with movie files in MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, MPG, MKV or WMV formats. ServeToMe is a free program that StreamToMe users can download from

Files do not need to be pre-converted to an iPhone/iPod size or format — the ServeToMe application converts the files to an iPhone-friendly format on-the-fly, so a single touch will start playback in as little as 5 seconds. You can pause and seek through the file as though it were actually on your phone.

The Apple iPhone/iPodTouch TV out cables are supported so you can connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to your TV to use your Mac/PC as a wireless streaming media center for your TV.


- any iPhone or iPod Touch running iPhone OS 3.0 or greater
- an Intel Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 or later or 1.6Ghz+ Windows PC with Pentium4 or greater running XP SP2, Vista or Windows 7 and ServeToMe (a free application downloadable from
- a WiFi or 3G network connection between your Mac and iPhone/iPodTouch.

A 2.4Ghz dual core CPU or greater is required on the computer running ServeToMe is required for 720p video. Pentium 4 and Atom CPUs should use the 320p video to avoid pauses and stalling.

Connecting from an external location (3G or non-local WiFi) requires configuring your network for incoming connections.

Playback of DRM protected audio and video -- including protected AAC and MP4 files downloaded from iTunes -- is not supported. StreamToMe cannot play files stored or saved on your device; it play files streamed from ServeToMe only.

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