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Description Kiss Her: The Most Romantic iPhone Application Are you in love and don’t know how to take the next step? Leave it to Kiss Her to spice up your romantic life by enlightening you on the best expression of love. Kiss Her is the perfect dictionary of kissing which has four discussion chapters, all aimed at charging up your relationship. Try This is for the kissing amateur who wants to experiment and learn more. This topic lists out a wide range of kissing types, all of which can go about enhancing your love life. Try each of them one and by one and see the pleasure it exuberates in your spouse. Play This is another chapter which includes cute, playful games that can be played between lovers while kissing. So next time you feel naughty, Play This can spruce up things between you and your partner. For the hard core lover, there is the Pro version of this application while the one who wants to go slow can choose the Lite version. The latter will give him the essentials of Kiss Her without going into full details. Love is the one of the finest gifts of God and kissing is one of the perfect manifestations of love. So improve your kissing skills and enjoy it to the fullest. Let Kiss Her be your ‘Love Guide’ and help you reach romantic bliss.