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“Amazing, incredible and even beyond words---that’s what I can say about the app …”

“... I believe it is much faster to get a cutout effect than any similar app in the store.”

“The Magic technology is really amazing. It makes region selection fast and accurate.”

“In some cases, even no scale up and down needed at all, you can simply drag the background out. It is really amazing.”


Unique Magic Mode
The Magic Mode takes your photo editing experience to unimaginable high. One or Two drags do the most. Take Color/Erase Mode as a complementary tool to deal with complicated color pattern. No other apps can do so in the store.

Great Cutout Effect
It’s a PROFESSIONAL term--- “cutout effect”, also known as “selective desaturation effect”. This app helps you make your chosen colored area “stand out” from a black and white background, not on your PC but on iPhone.

Our unique Dragdragdrag technology enables you to make color selection intelligently. Touch the color you want to cutout and drag, it will become black and white instantly. The longer you drag, the wider the color range covers.

No need to scale up 50 times, like other apps, to remove/bring back color on a few pixel wide object, a simple drag gets the result accurately. No need to touch the end corner, touch the area near that and drag. Amazing?

Photo Enhancement
Adjust contrast and brightness of your selected colored area to make it more impressive. The Edge Cutting function helps to clean out fuzzy edges of your selection. All by click Plus and Minus buttons.

Easy to Play
1. Take a photo from iPhone camera or from photo album;
2. Touch the area you want to cutout and drag;
3. Several drags could help you get what you want; Use Color/Erase to help;
4. Enhance contrast and brightness; Cutting fuzzy edge if there is any;
5. Save or send out to share with friends.

Please refer to our built-in video tutorial before you start.