Current Version Version: 10.02
Author Iconic Solutions, LLC
Price $2.00
Description Now it's easier than ever to add your friends from Facebook to your iPhone or iPod Touch. With the simplicity of drag-and-drop, simply drag the desired friend type (all friends, male friends only or female friends only) onto the image of the iPhone. It's that simple. It's Simple Sync!!

For users who would rather only sync their contacts profile picture on Facebook with the contacts inside their phone, Simple Sync handles this effortlessly with the touch of one button.

Simple Sync adds your Facebook friend's profile image, birthday, employment status and the 'about me' section! The sync-only feature looks for matches between your phonebook and your Facebook account. Confirmed matches will have their image updated inside your phone!

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PLEASE NOTE: It is against Facebook Terms of Use to provide users' contact information. Therefore, Simple Sync will NOT add your friends email or phone number.

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