Current Version Version: 4.0
Author Feather&Moor (Pte.) Limited
Price $3.00
Description This recipe app will make Christmas a huge success this year! The recipes are laughably easy and most of all very quick to make, yet everything fixed has a definite festive touch - not your everyday homecooking at all. ***** Application Features ---------------- The app features beautiful color pictures of all dishes, along with the clearest of instructions for even the most unexperienced cook. There are plenty of recipes to chose from - from simple to more sophisticated, from traditional sweet potatoes and green beans to more unusual side dishes, but all are very manageable. However, not only side dishes are listed here. There are various turkey recipes to chose from, as well as desserts. The app also addresses essentials like how to make turkey stock, gravy and cranberry sauce (I highly recommend the one with ginger and fresh grapefruit juice/zest!) and comes complete with recommendations for different menu courses from simple to elegant. The summary: Even if you have have no experience whatsoever with cooking, everything will taste quite delicious. The app has a shopping list, an intuitive category system, and the ability to add your own recipes. ***** Finally wishing everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year!

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