Current Version Version: 1.3.1 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Author Ximii, LLC
Price $2.00
Description Stop wasting your time (and money) on lame lyrics apps that haven't been updated in almost a year! Got Lyrics? is the most fully-featured and consistently maintained lyrics app available - iOS 4.0 certified, iPhone 4 retina display ready and ON SALE for a limited time! Click "...More" below to learn more! Can't remember the lyrics to your favorite song? Just want to sing along as you're listening to your iPod? Arguing with your friend over the lyrics to "Space Oddity" by David Bowie? Then this app is what you're looking for! Got Lyrics? is powered by the largest licensed database of lyrics available, containing over 1.3 million tracks. Not enough? Got Lyrics? also comes with the full functionality of our extremely popular myTunz application, including: * A rich, intuitive, iPod-like user interface with animations and album art (if it exists on the device) * Full iPod control - skip to the next or previous track, select a playlist, seek, shuffle, control volume, etc. * Support for all iPod media types including music, podcasts and audiobooks * YouTube video search - search by keyword or see videos related to what you're listening to with a single click * iTunes and iPod library search - find the music, podcast or video you're looking for (lyrics search will be included in a future application update) * Facebook, Twitter and email integration so you can share with your friends and followers* * Swipe and tap gestures to control basic iPod functionality - great for use when driving or on a treadmill * A playback timer with volume fade-out so you can listen for a while as you work, study or nod off * A peek into the most popular songs in iTunes - see what's hot now and download with a single click** * An off-line lyrics cache so you can view any lyrics you've already downloaded if you don't have a network connection Got Lyrics? is integrated with the native iPod player on your device, so you can start the application while content is playing in the iPod application and Got Lyrics? picks it up and keeps going. If you quit the application while content is playing, the native iPod player keeps your content playing seamlessly. NOTE: For certain features (lyrics fetching in particular), Got Lyrics? depends heavily on accurate ID3 tag information for the artist and title. Missing or malformed ID3 tags will inhibit Got Lyrics? from finding the appropriate content. Some examples of missing or malformed artists/titles include "Unknown Artist", "Track 01" and "02 Animal". PLEASE keep in mind that even with proper ID3 tags, not every song will have lyrics available. However, LyricFind is constantly working to add new tracks, so more and more will become available over time. * Due to licensing restrictions, please note that lyrical content cannot be shared. ** Purchase occurs in the native iTunes application on the device and normal iTunes music download fees apply. Do you Tweet? Follow @ximii on Twitter to ask us a question, request a feature and get instant access to news about upcoming releases and new applications:

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