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Author Daniel Habluetzel-Laville
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Description ★★★★★ SmartPlaylist is the most advanced playlist generator for iPod/iPhone/iPad with many unique features. You can combine 14 search rules (comments, rating, play count, last played, etc.) to filter your iTunes music library. TAB BAR FOR EASY SWITCHING: ● With the tab bar on top you can switch easily between smart playlist A, B, C, D, E or F (+ G on iPad) ● No need to bother with typing in "meaningful names" -- the rules always tell you what's "inside" SEARCH IN TEXT FIELDS: ● You can search by Artist, Title, Album, Composer, Genre, Comments, Lyrics and/or iPod-Playlist. ● Search for exact matches (is equal to), for any partial matches (contains) or use wildcards (?/*) ● Use logical operators to unite (OR), intersect (AND) or exclude (NOT) certain songs. ★ The rule "Genre contains blu OR zz" will give you all your blues and jazz songs in 1 playlist. Quick and simple ★ MUSIC BROWSER: (similar to the Column Browser in iTunes) ● Browse your music collection hierarchically by Genres ➤ Composers ➤ Artists ➤ Albums ➤ Titles ● At each level you can pick 1, several or all items to collect the desired sets or narrow down your search COMBINE WITH POWERFUL NUMERICAL SEARCH CRITERIA: ● Rating (0 to 5 stars) ● Play Count (played how many times) ● Last Played (how many days, weeks, months or years ago) ● Released (how many days, weeks, months or years ago) ● Duration (how many minutes long) - and/or - ● Track Number ● BPM (beats per minute) - an/or - ● Year (of recording) ● You can search for values less than, equal to / from-to (=) or more than the limit you set ★ "Rating 4 or 5" and "Last Played > 2 years ago" will get your favourite songs not listened to for a long time ★ EXCEPTIONAL: ● Make exceptions to the rules by adding or removing individual titles from a list using ⊕⊖ (⊕: include, ⊖: exclude) UNIQUE MIX OPTIONS: ● Sort at random to get a different mix with each search ● Sort the results by one of the criteria mentioned above (in ascending ◢ or descending ◣ order) ● Sort with multiple criteria, e.g. 1. by Artist, 2. by Rating (per artist), 3. by playCount (per rating) ● Shuffle by title or shuffle by album ● Limit the number of titles per artist or per album ● Limit the list to x minutes, hours or titles ADVANCED SET OPERATIONS: ● Default: Replace the existing playlist with the new results ● Add the new results to the existing playlist (to build a complex smart playlist step by step) ● Subtract the new results from the current list - or - ● Intersect the new results with the current list to obtain only the songs common to both lists FEEL FREE TO DISCOVER YOUR MUSIC COLLECTION: ● Look at the artwork or details of a song while another one is playing in the background ● Create a new smart playlist, while the previous list is still playing in the background (use "✲ Show only") ● Scroll the extensive list view with rating, play count, composer, genre, last played, etc. at a glance ● Look at all the mentioned info in the details view (+ skipCount, albumArtist, releaseDate, etc.) ● See and copy the full length of the title, album name, composer, comments, etc. ● Enlarge the cover artwork up to full screen (tap/double-tap) The main commands at the bottom of the rules page: ● Tap on "⌘" to open the tools menu to clear/save/load rules, open settings and help, show only active rules, empty cache after sync ● With "⌥" you get different options for (re)loading a list ● Tap on the text with the number of rules (e.g. "C: 4 rules") to toggle active / not-active rules (as a shortcut to the "Show all rules" / "Show only the active rules" in the tools menu) ● "⏎" ("Enter") starts the search with the specified rules ● "➤" is used to reload the last list (e.g. when switching from one list to the othe

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