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Description Throughout American history, the experience of war has fundamentally shaped the ways that Americans think about themselves, their fellow Americans, and the meanings of national citizenship. But war has also posed challenges of representation, both for those who fought as well as those who did not.
This U.S. Military History applicaation for the iPhone and Ipod Touch examines how Americans have told the stories of modern war in history, literature, and popular culture, and interprets them in terms of changing ideas about American national identity.

I hope you will enjoy this U.S. Military Historoy Application and find its information both helpful and interesting. This application for the iPhone and iPod Touch includes an extensive day by day timeline, covering every war that occured during and before Americans great nation, by military theatre and in chronological order. This application also gives you the biographies of soldiers and what medals of honor and battles they served in.


- Tens of Thousands of facts
- Easy to use interface
- Browse through any day of the year
- Search by year
- Search by keyword
- Look up what historical events have happened on your birthday

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