Current Version Version: 1.0
Author Gregory Wallace
Price $1.00
Description Have you ever wanted to know whether you might get a sunburn or whether you needed to apply sunblock? Protect your skin and download Digital Sunscreen today!

Digital Sunscreen provides a personal estimate of the time for your skin to sunburn based on the UV index in your area, your personal skin type, application of sunscreen/sunblock, and weather conditions. Digital Sunscreen can also help prepare for travel as it can be used not only to calculate an estimated time of sunburn for your current location, but also for any given location in the United States.

A stop-watch timer counts down the time until sunburn. Once the time for possible sunburn has expired, Digital Sunscreen emits a “buzz” alarm that the sun exposure may lead to sunburn. With Digital Sunscreen you can stay outdoors knowing when you might get a sunburn or need to apply sunblock.

Digital Sunscreen is great for any outdoor activity. It allows you not only to protect yourself, but to protect your family and friends from excessive and harmful sun exposure.


Retrieve the UV Index for your current location and any location in the U.S. (as provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency)

Input personal settings related to skin type and application of sunscreen as well as general weather conditions (sunny, cloudy, mountains)

Based on personal settings, estimates the time until sunburn

Provides graphical stop-watch countdown time until sunburn

Emits “warning alarm” once estimated time for sunburn occurs

The timing for each person’s sunburn is personal. Digital Sunscreen allows each user to input their skin type as well as the type of sunblock applied in order to arrive at the estimated time for sunburn. Thus, it answers the tough question of when to apply sunblock before heading outdoors.

It should be noted that damage to the skin is occurring even before the skin turns red and into a sunburn. Excessive unprotected exposure to UV light should be avoided even if there is no visible sunburn. By providing an estimate of time until sunburn, this application aims to prevent sunburn, lessen the risk of UV rays, and keep your skin healthy!

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