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Description The Original Workout Muse App: Build Custom Interval Training Workouts Mixed to Your Favorite Music! Listen to lose fat fast! iWorkout Muse allows you to build custom interval training workouts seamlessly mixed to your favorite workout tunes. First choose your own work and rest periods and designate how long you wish to workout. Then select your music of choice that will tell you exactly what to do. Never again will you be a prisoner to the clock during your interval workouts! General settings allow you to opt for louder music during work periods and softer music during rest periods. You can also choose to play music during work periods only or have audio instructions that tell you when to start and stop and when you are halfway through each work period. This distraction-free environment will allow you to focus on the task at hand for the most intense, results-producing workouts of your life. The world’s first music interval training application powered by Workout Muse, the most trusted source for fitness music and media production. For more advanced user options, including pre/post-workout sections, multiple workout options, and much more, please check out iWorkout Muse PRO!