Author Generic Company Place Holder
Price $1.00
Description CardPro is the easiest way to organize and search through all of your business cards. Finally, the business card organization system that you will actually use.
Simply take a picture of the business card and add the contact’s name and company to be able to easily find their contact information when you need it most. Get rid of that huge stack of business cards today.
“I have tried numerous systems of organizing my many business cards and this is the only one I use because it is so quick and easy.” -Mike
“It is so simple- finally an app that does exactly what it needs to do flawlessly.” -Alex
Faster and easier to input and search than Snapdat, FreeContact, myCard, bump and nameo. Why pay $0.99 when you can get the Lite version?
(1) Can Store more than 100 cards.
(2) No Ads!!