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Author Khush Inc.
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Description ANNOUNCEMENT: If you're having trouble with the recent update, please email us at so we can help you! ********************************************************* "This is a game changer!" Ali Velshi, CNN "Best app-strument for the iPhone!" Matt Marrone, NY Daily News "The app is impressive...turns bad singing into good songs." "Instead of forcing the user to sing a song in a specific key, the app will automatically choose the key and change the chords for you so that all you have to do is sing...the app worked great and I would definitely recommend it!" - AppVee ********************************************************* REVERSE KARAOKE - SING AND BE DISCOVERED! LaDiDa is a reverse karaoke app that uses artificial intelligence to help you sound like a professional singer. You SING or RAP into the phone, and LaDiDa will analyze your voice and compose music to match. Also works on melodic instruments such as GUITAR. ***NOW WITH PITCH CORRECTION AND REVERB*** Can't sing? Doesn't matter! LaDiDa can automatically tune your voice to the correct notes and add studio-quality vocal effects. ********************************************************* HOW TO USE LADIDA [headphones / speakers recommended] RECORD: Choose your style & tempo and sing or rap into the mic. PLAY: Press "play" to hear what LaDiDa creates! The music will match what you've sung. Listen to your song in different styles: - E Piano Pop - Rhythm Synth Pop - Dub Tone - Acoustic Rock - Unplugged - Bonfire - Guitar Six Eight - Offbeat Strum - Underground Rap - Tasty Breaks Rap - Dirty South Rap - A Capella SHARE: Share your favorite songs with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and email. DISCOVER: Discover new songs performed by other LaDiDa singers and be the judge! **** IPOD TOUCH USERS: plug in a mic for recording. **** LaDiDa brings the thrill of singing in a band to everyone! Sing into the mic on the Studio Page, and have LaDiDa accompany you. LaDiDa turns your iPhone into a live band. LaDiDa also uses tricks-of-the-trade to make your voice sound even better. It's a professional recording studio in your pocket. Dream of starring on reality TV or "getting discovered"? This could be your chance! Sing your favorite songs into LaDiDa, and it will compose the music for you. Share on Facebook and Twitter for the world to hear your talent. LaDiDa was developed by Khush. Visit us at

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