Current Version Version: 3.0
Author Silvio Rizzi
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Description Client for for Google Reader, Fever and Readability. - Google Reader syncing (optional, free account required, see - Fever syncing (optional, paid web app required, see - Readability (optional, free account required, see - Support for multiple Google Reader or Fever accounts Please note: the use of all three services is optional, which means it's possible to use Reeder only as either Google Reader, Fever or Readability client. But one of these is required to use the app, of course. Sharing services: - - Buffer - Readability - Instapaper - Pocket - Evernote - Pinboard - Zootool - Delicious - Twitter - Messages - Mail Sharing works from the article view and in-app browser. You can share articles, sites, links, text selections and images (article view only, tap on image to share). Gestures, article list: - Swipe right/left to toggle unread/starred (configurable for both directions) - Two-finger swipe up/down to mark as read above/below Gestures, article viewer: - Swipe right to go back to article list - Swipe left to open in-app browser - Pinch-to-zoom for images - Pinch to toggle Readability Other features: - Image caching - Subscribe and unsubscribe (Google Reader only)

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