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Description We all feel stress in our lives at one time or another. Stress is a part of life. Sadly, stress is a killer. It eats away at the soul as well as our physical being. Managing stress is critical to our well being.

Thankfully, managing stress is something we can all do by following a few simple guidelines. First we must identify that we are under stress, then we need to narrow down the cause of the stress, and then take some time to reflect on it. By doing this we become the master of stress, rather than letting it master us. If it sounds simple, that is because it is simple. What may not be so simple is remembering to take control of our stress before it takes control of us.

Aurosoorya Stress Manager is designed to walk you through this in a step-by-step manner. No drugs, no doctors, just determine where your stress originates (Mental, Emotional, Physical) and narrow it down to a specific state (as close as possible), then make some Notes if you wish, choose an Assistant to give you some guidance, and the type of guidance you like. You will be taken to a random Quote, Thought, or Meditation. You can choose to see more examples, or save ones you like the most as Favorites. You can view a log of past moments of stress, and you can return to your Favorites to be reminded of how you overcame the last stressful moment. We have compiled nearly a thousand Quotes, Thoughts, and Meditations. You are sure to find one which is appropriate to your situation.

These actions help you take control of stress, and after a while you may find yourself feeling less stressful overall. We can’t make any guarantees, but we believe it can work for you, since it does work for us, and has worked for others.

May you lead a stress-free life, and may we be there to help you get there!

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