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Description Iapetus is an interactive globe that shows the movement of the continents from the late Pre-Cambrian (Ediacaran Period) 600 million years ago up to the present day and beyond.

Ever wondered what happened to Gondwana? When did continental drift break up Pangea? How come West Africa and Brazil have "conjugate offshore oilfields"? Where did Australia come from? What was Avalonia? The Iapetus Ocean separated which ancient lands?

The latest iPhone app from Quadrivium illustrates the answers to these questions, and allows you to view the march of the continents as they split up, collide again to form Pangea, twist and split once more to form our modern geography.

Spin the Globe View with your finger in portrait mode, or flip the iPhone on its side to swipe the Map View through the geological eras and periods.

The 29 detailed maps, provided by famed Paleogeographer Professor Ron Blakey, are labelled with the evocative names of long-gone land-masses and oceans: Cimmeria, Tethys, Panthalassa, and can be animated to spin in Globe View or step automatically from one period to the next in Map View.

Come find out what the world looked like in the Jurassic - it’s free!