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Description Compile all your favorite songs into playlists with only a few taps. Playlist-Creator turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a quick and easy music organizer with no limits. New Features: While listening to a song you have the ability to add that song to a new, or different Playlist. Share a list of songs in your Playlist with Facebook. Email a list of songs in your Playlist. Back-up your Playlist using ITunes file share. Stop feature - Play just one song in a playlist, and then return to the Playlist. See the total time of a Playlist. The ability to add Podcast to any Playlist Additional Features: Shuffle. Reorder Playlists. Name and Rename the New Playlists. Add and Reorder the songs in your Playlists. Delete an entire Playlist or individual songs in a Playlist. We hope you enjoy, and please tell your friends about this must have App for people on the go! Also your comments or suggestions are welcomed. Feel free to offer any comments you may have or offer a suggestion on how we can improve this app.