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Description My Golf Caddy (MGC) is a full featured personal golf assistant. MGC was designed for ease and speed of use so you can concentrate on playing golf and not be distracted by lengthy data entry FEATURES: Scorecard ✭ Simplified scoring system designed for speed of entry and records holes statistics including: score, putts, hole par, hole yardage, and fairways hit ✭ Detailed one page scorecard displays all round statistics including - total score - shots over/under par - putts per hole and for the round - greens in regulation (per hole and for the round) - fairways hit - GIR and fairway percentage for the round ✭ Ability to email scorecards ✭ Multi-player scoring (up to four golfers) ✭ Record unlimited courses and your (50) most recent rounds ✭ Download U.S. course data for over 16,000+ courses for speed of data entry. U.S. course downloads include all course tees, tee names, hole yardages and par for all holes, course and slope rating, course names, addresses, phone, etc. U.S. course downloads are available as a $1.99 in-app purchase Statistics ✭ Records and displays a Handicap Index (min 5 rounds, up to most recent 20 rounds) ✭ Displays average percentage of fairways hit, greens in regulation, and putts per round for all recorded rounds ✭ Displays total pars, birdies, eagles for all completed rounds ✭ Round graphs of last 20 rounds - scoring and putts per round graphs ✭ Accepts 9 or 18 hole scoring but all statistics/handicap info is based on completed 18 hole rounds only Course GPS ✭ Course GPS provides distance from your current location to any target on the golf course. Distance is given in either yards or metres ✭ Using Course GPS is simple and easy - just hit the "Find Me" button and the view zooms in to a satellite image of your current location as determined by the GPS. Simply move the crosshairs to your selected target and the distance to that target is displayed ✭ Yardage rings showing targets 100, 150, and 200 yards/metres from current location ✭ GPS Course Mapping available as a $0.99 USD in-app purchase. Map center of green locations the first time a course is played and on the scorecard, distance to the center of green on all holes is displayed. Click on a hole distance on the scorecard and instantly move to the satellite view of the hole location Shot Tracker ✭ Measure shot distance in yards or metres and record the club that was hit ✭ Display club distance statistics including average shot distance per club and min/max distances for each club Rules of Golf ✭ Includes most common illustrated golf rules - out of bounds, water hazards, lost ball, unplayable lies, provisionals, teeing ground, and FAQ Swing Analyzer ✭ Records and stores full motion video of swing (must have a camera on device that can record video) ✭ Record and playback swing videos frame-by-frame at 15+ FPS on swing videos recorded with the device camera ✭ Import videos from your computer (for devices without a camera) ✭ Drawing tools (draw lines in three colors) to improve swing plane, spine angle, head movement, address positions ✭ Play, pause, and rewind video Course Maps (U.S. Courses Only) ✭ Find golf courses near you (sorted by state) ✭ Find Google™ driving directions to selected courses ✭ View overhead satellite views of selected golf courses with scroll/zoom capability Backup/Restore ✭ Ability to backup and restore course data and score data by iTunes File Transfer utility to your home computer iPad Users: ✭ Only 3G model has GPS capability - must have this model to use Course GPS, Shot Tracker, and Club Statistics. Frame-by-frame swing video playback available only on iPad 2 only (not iPad) iPod Touch Users: ✭ To use Course GPS, Shot Tracker, and Club Statistics your device must have GPS as well as a wireless cellular

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