Current Version Version: 1.8
Author Thomas Huntington
Price $1.00
Description Track the politicians that serve YOU, and become involved in your government, with Political GPS, the essential iPhone app. Click ...More on the right to see all of Political GPS's features.

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-Featured by Apple as a "New and Noteworthy" app
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-App of the Day at Appolicious
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-Number 2 US Reference App March 10
-Reviewed by Kathryn Swatz of Appolicious Advisor: Five stars

-Detailed information for all members of the US Congress
-Voting records
-Contact members using phone, email, website, or twitter
-Biographical info
-Search for senators and representatives by name, state, or district zip code

-All legislative bills from the past 6 years
-Full text for all bills, whether 1 page or 2000 pages long
-Official CRS Summary for all bills, brief but informative
-Sponsor and Cosponsors for all bills
-Histories of action for each bill (i.e. past votes, introductions, etc.)
-Always up to date, without need for a binary update

-Search for specific legislation
-Search by topic, for example, "Health care", or "Iraq"
-Search by bill number, title, or contents
-Browse bills by Session, Type, and Chamber
-Recently introduced bills

-Political GPS test
-Find out where you stand in the world of politics.
-Test your friends
-No answers are right or wrong. They just reflect your unique position, the aggregation of all that you believe in.

-US Constitution, Magna Carta, and Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (latter 2 are coming soon in an update)
-Easy to read, and easy to study
-Organized into sections, articles, and amendments

Become involved in your government!

Easily find your elected senators and representatives, and look at their voting records. If you don't like what you see, just call them, right from your iPhone!

Say that you're reading through a recent bill. If there's something you don't like, why not contact the sponsor of the legislation? If you'd rather not call, you can email just as easily.

The sheer amount of data that Political GPS allows you to access anywhere is amazing, as is the price of just $1.99. Try Political GPS today, and take a stand for your beliefs.

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