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Description What Movie Is This From? is a game that sends out movie quotes and screencaps to players around the world... at the exact same time! See what place you come in!


What movie is this from?

1: You can milk just about anything with nipples.

2: I have nipples, Greg, could you milk me?

Answer: Meet The Parents


As the microwave pops the WMITF popcorn, it's preparing another brand new quote/screencap. When the microwave timer expires, the quote/screencap is revealed to the world at the exact same time. The object of the game is to beat everyone else by replying with the answer the fastest. If you've missed any quotes/screencaps, you can answer them at anytime while you wait for the popcorn to be ready.


1. Receive a notification right before quotes/screencaps are launched. (optional)

2. Play against your friends using Facebook.

3. Use hints to slowly reveal the answer.

4. Play against the world and see your position on the global scoreboard for overall points and last quote/screencaps.

5. Every week the scoreboard is reset so that all players can have a fair chance at winning. 1st place winners of each round receive degrees next to their display names.

6. Fair game play guaranteed. Internet speed does not play a factor in time or position. Times are calculated from the moment the quote/screencap was presented, to the moment the submit button was pressed with a correct answer.

1st place = 40 points * difficultness of quote
2nd place = 30 points * difficultness of quote
3rd place = 20 points * difficultness of quote

Top 10 = 10 points * difficultness of quote
Top 20 = 5 points * difficultness of quote
Top 30 = 2 points * difficultness of quote

Anything above = 1 point * difficultness of quote

If you stump yourself, you will receive 0 points.


How to get more credits:

1. Win! Win! Win! Credits are disbursed to users who place high, in different amounts.

2. Set a display name

3. Tap the credits button to purchase more from within the app.

4. All users receive a set amount of credits with their purchase.

How credits are used:

1. Credits are used to view new and missed quotes/screencaps.

2. Hints. If it's on the tip of your tongue, use the hint button to help you over and win!

Disclaimer: Actual credit +/- amounts are subject to change at anytime.


Please consider writing us a review if you like our game. We really appreciate the motivation! Leave your display name and we'll return the favor with some credits.

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