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Description Struck is a two-player game designed to give players complete control over the game environment.

The goal in Struck is to occupy all four goals at the opponent’s end of the board, and to prevent the opponent from occupying the goals on your end of the board. You will change your pieces between black to white, and will continually control and strategize with the ever changing, malleable board.

Roll the Struck Die to determine how many moves you can make during your turn. You may change your playing piece(s) to the opposite color, you may change a square on the Struck board to the opposite color, or you can move your piece(s) and advance towards your goal(s).

With practice, experimentation, and creative thought, your unique strategies will emerge. Stay on your toes, roll the die, and use your luck wisely.

Struck Features:

-During a game of Struck, each player will control the layout of the board

-Each player can change their pieces between black and white

-The color of a piece determines how it will move among the board

-No two games are ever the same

-Infinite scenarios, infinite playability

Compare to: Chess, Checkers, Othello, Backgammon

"...players will become addicted to this puzzling gem and will continue to play it time and time again."

"It pulls from board games like Checkers, Backgammon, Chess and Othello, throwing them all into this melting pot app to create a bizarre game you wouldn’t be surprised to see Spock contemplating aboard the Enterprise."

-vs computer ai


-Online versus mode
-Pass and play
-vs computer AI
-Four different board layouts, each with a unique artistic theme
-Five music tracks

We hope you enjoy becoming completely Strucked!

Love Struck