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Description Get your life on track! Follow and organize all aspects of your daily routine like never before. Featured among Apple Staff favorite apps, Daily Tracker is Fast, Sleek & Reliable. Join thousands who use it everyday. :: LITE vs. PRO : The Lite version is limited to a maximum of 10 entries per tracked category. How are you spending your time, money and effort? How often do you visit the gym? Do you want to limit the nights you spend dining out? Track weight loss or progress as you are trying to quit smoking or get rid of some other pesky habits? Daily Tracker makes it easy to keep track of the things you care about. It is a personal organizer that offers one place to gather and track notes and activities of your choice. Once you've decided what you are passionate about, choose an existing category or customize by creating your own. Whether you are trying to achieve specific goals, want to track your vices and virtues for fun, need to organize your notes or to-do lists, Daily Tracker will be your essential companion anywhere you go. Here are just a few examples: • Fitness and Exercise: Track your workout routines or how long you spend at the gym. Track any activity such as jogging, biking, yoga or meditation. In addition to the timer, you can track miles, strength training reps, swimming laps and so on. Choose any activity and units you want and watch progress on monthly summary sparklines. View weekly results by swiping a calendar row and plan future workouts by adding notes. • Dieting: Maintain your diet by tracking daily calories, body weight and journal of what food you eat and when. If you are trying to lose or gain weight, tracking multiple aspects of your fitness plan is the way to go. • Health and Allergies: Track illness by recording medication intake, symptoms history or other information you would like to share with your doctor. Great for diabetes patients who need to monitor sugar level or people with an allergy or migraines who need to find out specific triggers. Maybe a small lifestyle change will translate to fewer headaches, reduced chronic pain or better mood? • Projects: Track ideas, homework, to-do lists or use it as a timecard. Tracking how much time you spend on a project has never been easier - simply create a category with a stopwatch and use it whenever you need to log time. Because of the powerful search feature, you'll be able to find your notes in a snap. It also lends itself well to the renowned GTD (Getting Things Done) style organization. • Money: Track expenses, sales or tips and compare results on a weekly or monthly basis. The only way to save money is to put a conscious effort into spending less. This is a perfect tool for that. • Memories: Happen to be in some cool new place? Write a note, add some pictures, voice notes or save your map location. Share your stories with friends and family via email. • Gratitude: Write down all the great things you do for others or use it as a diary for thoughts and reflections. - It’s secure. It’s handy. It’s fast. - You’ll find a thousand uses for the Daily Tracker. :: TOP FEATURES: • Customize to track anything • Week, Month and Year summaries • Trend charts • Notes with photos, voice memos & maps • Integrated RSS Reader • Instant word-wheel search • Email notes and entries • Sync Notes to Google Docs • Upload data to Google Spreadsheets • Backup & Restore to Google Docs • Password protection • Portrait & Landscape orientation :: UPGRADE FROM LITE VERSION Use the built-in Google Docs Backup & Restore functionality to migrate your data to the Premium version.