Author Generic Company Place Holder
Price $2.00
Description Where am I? Oh No! I missed my stop!
Have you ever experienced this kind of situation?
This application alarms you when your destination point is near by.

The operation is easy.
Touch the destination point you wish the alarm to set on the map.
(Retouching the point on the map will cancel your first destination)
You can also set your destination with the name of the location. (E.g. Tokyo Station)

You can set multiple destinations for transfers.
Alarm sound can be chosen from Alarm tone, Cock-a-doodle-doos, Bell rings and Vibrations.
The destination points are memorized, and switching it ON/OFF will turn the alarm valid/invalid.

You can choose the alarm timing by setting the distance from the destination point : 0.5km,1km,1.5km,3km,5km,10km
Roughly it is 1.6km per minute at the speed of 100km per hour.

Because this application uses GPS, DO NOT push the sleep/wake button . The alarm cannot operate on the sleep mode.
Also, depending on the condition of GPS, the alarm might miss the exact timing, or it may not work unfotunately.
We recommend you to set more than one destination points.