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Description Looking for a great band to see this week? Want to chat with folks in the crowd while at the show? Or see and share photos from the show? Get the SuperGlued iPhone App!

Key Features:
Find shows to attend
* Browse through a list of shows in your area - Get the details and select the ones you're attending
* Find upcoming shows by artist or venue name
* See hot shows in your area
* See who else is going

Buy Tickets
* Find tickets via over 100 ticket providers

View and participate in real-time discussion
* See live updates before and during the show - How long is the line to get in? What time does the band go on? What song is that?
* Tweet with people in the crowd - Post your thoughts, reply to tweets, coordinate to meet up for stuff like food after the show, etc...

Browse and share photos
* Post photos from the show directly to SuperGlued
* View gallery of photos while at the show
* Rate photos

Meet People
* Browse member profiles
* Add people to your favorites list

Link to your other accounts
* Twitter - Post and reply to messages on Twitter via SuperGlued
* FourSquare - Check-in to shows and venues by linking to FourSquare.

About SuperGlued
SuperGlued is a community for live music lovers to share and discuss their experiences. You can find shows to attend, meet people and see all the photos, videos and stories from the show.

Recent Reviews of iPhone App

"I like apps like SuperGlued because they try to do one thing well. You could just look at your normal Twitter stream for shows your friends are going to, but you’d probably only catch a few. SuperGlued shows you Tweets from everyone about a particular show or band."
- TechCrunch

"Lots of apps help you find good shows, but SuperGlued doesn't stop there. You can Tweet with other members of the crowd (Are tickets sold out at the door? Does the venue still smell like urine? Where are you? etc.), post live pictures of the show, and keep track of which events your friends are planning on going to.”
- GizModo