Current Version Version: 1.1
Author Sebastian Schenk
Price $2.00
Description Write with Autocomplete. Selected as "Staff Favorite" in USA and Canada!

Speednote: The fastest way of typing on your iphone or ipod touch. Autocomplete on the go.

Speednote lets you write notes faster than ever before. For every word you begin to type in, Speednote will give you a suggestion on how to complete it. Simply start with the first letters of the word and from the second letter on, up to 14 suggested words will appear. Just tap on the word you want to write and immediately continue with the next one. Your texts are stored automatically and you can send them by eMail or post them to your twitter timeline. Faster typing and fewer typos. Speednote is the simple and fast way of writing texts on your iPhone or iPod touch.

See the Demo at

> autocomplete
> write faster than anywhere else
> up to 14 suggested words
> large library of english words
> automatic loading / saving of notes
> simple design
> send notes via email
> post notes to twitter
> write in landscape mode

(word library is english or german only. internet connection required for sending eMail or twitter updates.)

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