Current Version Version: 1.0.0
Author Robert Hodgen
Price $1.00
Description Swap It is the best way to share your iPhone’s pasteboard contents with other iPhone and iPod touch users. Share with co-workers, friends, and family in seconds.

Swap It uses Bluetooth, it works anywhere; you don’t need to have a cell signal or be on a wireless network.

Swap It exchanges pasteboard contents between two iPhones or iPod touches. Swap It can transfer text, URLs, images, Web Archives and anything else your pasteboard can hold.

Swap It gives you full control over your pasteboard. It shows you the current contents, size and type. Swap It can also clear your pasteboard.

Swap It allows you to select and share images from your iPhone or iPod touch’s Photo Library. Swap It gives you the option of saving images you receive to your Camera Roll. This extends the functionality of Swap It beyond the simple task of showing or swapping your pasteboard.

Swap It works in a bidirectional manner, it will “swap” your pasteboard with that of your peer’s, Swap It gives you the final say on whether your pasteboard is overridden.

Swap It’s user interface is elegant and easy to use.

The initial page shows your existing clipboard contents along with it’s size and data type. There is a “Local Pasteboard Options” button which allows you to load a photo or clear your pasteboard. Depending on your pasteboard’s contents Swap It will show specialized options like “Open in Safari” or “Save Photo”.

By swiping to the right or by touching the “Connect to an iPhone or iPod touch” button Swap It starts the connection process and moves to the next page.

The second page initially shows connection and data transfer information. After the transfer it shows a preview of the received pasteboard. Until you tap the “Override Local Pasteboard” button Swap It will not touch your existing pasteboard. A second button shows more options like opening a URL in Safari or adding an image to your Camera Roll.

Data detection on both pages enable you to tap on a URL directly to open it in Safari. Similarly, phone numbers and email addresses are recognized.

Apple’s Home Sharing in iTunes 9 allows users to share apps with family members. One person can buy Swap It and share it with other iPhone or iPod Touch users in the family.

Both devices must be running Swap It. Swap It requires iPhone OS 3.0 or higher. First generation iPhones and iPod touches do not support Bluetooth file transfer and are not recommended.

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